Academic Setbacks in Grades K-3 due to the Pandemic

As a former classroom teacher I truly understand what many people were going through (and continue) when ensuring their little one did not fall back on their academics.

The reality is, many K-3 students fell behind. I had you all in mind not only because I was a former classroom teacher BUT I have a little one at home. Some can attest that virtual learning was not the greatest. All I can think about is how crucial these years are, it’s the FOUNDATION. It’s what sets students up for success. I can go on and on BUT let’s begin to chat about the solution:

We must first be aware that with consistency and thoroughly knowing your child’s learning style you will be amazed at his/her growth over time. What are learning styles? There are 4 main learning styles that we all should get to know ASAP.

Visual learner: prefer to see what they are learning (charts, pictures)
Auditory learner: are able to hear what they are learning but also have them recite it back
Kinesthetic learner: learn best by actually doing it, role play, hands on
Reading/Writing learner: learn information by reading, notes, handouts

Now that we have some examples of the 4 learning styles I know you are asking, “How do I know which learning style fits my child?” Great question! Right now begin to think about your child’s STRENGTHS. Do they enjoy looking at pictures, charts?(visual learner) Maybe your child does really well with listening to multi-step directions and completing the task effectively (auditory learner). He/she can gravitate more to hands-on activities or role playing (kinesthetic learner). Possibly your child truly enjoys reading books, magazines, likes to take notes (reading/writing learner). This is where you will need to put in the work to determine which learning style is a strength. Keep in mind, this takes time. I recommend keeping a daily record of the activities your child gravitates too, reaching out to your child’s teacher may also help, observing homework.

The outcome of knowing your child’s (students) learning style will guide you in being able to fill in the academic gap. For example if your child is struggling with multiplication facts and now you know that their strength is a visual learner, buying multiplication flash cards will be a huge plus.

The goal is to continue to have a love to learn in their preferred LEARNING STYLE.

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