Knowing When to Step Away

Hey hey, breath in and breath out.
I know exactly how it feels to be a mom and wanting to always be the counselor to our kids. We feel as though we must put water on every one of their fires. I am here to tell you, “NO”.

We must learn boundaries. “Did she just say I need to have boundaries with my child? Oh no she did not!”

Oh yes, I did (LOL).

Does this sound familiar to you? “I am your mom, I know you very well” And you are correct. We know our children to a certain extent. We do NOT know their deeper thoughts. This is why we must know when to step away. If we do not learn to step away, believe it or not, we are doing damage to their ability to figure things out on their own. Oftentimes, we create unnecessary anxiety.

When our child’s emotions begin to heighten, for example: we notice their tone of voice changes either in a sad way or upset (this is exactly where knowing when to step away comes in)…at this point we must listen to what they are saying. Just as much as we want them to listen to us we must be good listeners as well. Also, when they are just not in the mood to talk and answer all our questions in one sitting. It’s a bit much. Trust me they know we love them but just like us adults we don’t like to be bombarded with tons of questions all the time.

I know you heard this before NOT EVERY BATTLE IS MEANT TO BATTLE WITH. Again, we must know when to step away. This doesn’t mean we let our child run the show and get their way. Absolutely not, this just means use WISDOM.

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