Did you dread math as a child? I know I did. Numbers 🔢, formulas, charts📊 anything math related I would shut down. Math and I had a negative relationship. As an adult I wish I would be able to say the opposite, I wish I was able to say how much I enjoyed math and share wonderful stories but nope. I realized my negative relationship with math carried over to adult hood. It took many years to begin to have a healthy relationship with math :). We want to do our best to avoid this negative perspective, it is our job as parents (teachers) to foster these conversations that will carry over to adulthood.

I share this blog to bring awareness to the importance of math and understanding the need for positive math conversations with our children (students) starting from an early age. Math is all around us. For example, when we receive money from our pay checks, profit from a business, holiday gift money (the list goes on) what’s the first thing we normally do (should do)? YES! Count it! Many of us begin to put away for bills, home responsibilities, vacation, children’s activities and so on….this is what our kids need to be exposed to from a very young age. If you have investments, stocks anything to build your child’s awareness on how you responsibly handle money (which we learn in math class as a young child how to count money and what it is worth) This is the foundation to having a healthy math relationship.

Math should be FUN not boring; did you ever hear someone say, “When I get money its boring?” if you have, please let me speak to that person 😂


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