Back to School

Thinking back to when I was a child, back-to-school was one of my favorite times of the year. I truly enjoyed going back to school shopping, meeting my teacher and seeing all my friends. There was something about waking up on the first day, putting on my NEW clothes, sneakers and wondering what will be for lunch 😂. For me, those thoughts made going to school worth it 😂

Being a mother myself it’s a pleasure to witness how they both get excited for the first day of school. Pretty much exactly how I reacted when I was their age.
I have yet to speak about how the PARENT feels 😂 I wonder why. Now that I am a mom I can only imagine how my parents felt as the first day of school approached. Let’s be honest, things can become a bit overwhelming! Planning for drop off, pickup, after school activities, what to wear, homework, breakfast, lunch. This list can go on! Also, depending on the ages and how many children, oh my things can become really BUSY. Do not feel bad, I am here to tell you, how you feel is very normal. You are not alone.
Here are some things that help me get ready and ease down the stress a little. I begin to preplan how I would “like” things to go BUT I also plan for “plan B”. Plan B of course looks different in every home, right? For example, my schedule (currently) is pretty flexible, so I am able to pick up my kids from school. Let’s say I am unable to, I will definitely have to reach out to my neighbor for some help. Of course, not everyone may have a neighbor to help, and some may need to take off of work that day. You get my point 🙂 We as parents MAKE IT WORK.
The biggest takeaway is knowing that many kids are super excited to go back to school and as parents we should TRY to be just as excited with them!
Happy 2022-2023 School Year!

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